This is a question which has been on my mind the past while and when I came across this article by Alvin Chang I thought I would share with you all.

Helping client’s say “goodbye” to their pet is something we do here every day at Central Pet Cremations, but it never gets easier seeing the pain people go through.

Until you have had the unfortunate exerience of going through losing a loved pet, you really can’t explain how it feels.

The human/dog relationship in particular has changed throughout the years and we really are two species with an odd, symbiotic relationship, dogs have helped us become who we are today and that relationship began as early as 33,000 years ago!

It is therefore little surprise that when your dog dies you feel as if a piece of your heart has been ripped out.

More recently in 2008, researchers found that pets offer a unique type of relationship, cushioning the “uncertainty of more complex relationships with humans”  The socially vulnerable in particular have a higher level of attachment to their pets -the never married, divorced, widowed, remarried and those without kids.

So if you are going through the heartbraking time of edging closer to losing your pet, and perhaps googling the likes of “When do you know it’s time to put your dog down” then have a read of this article, it may help you.haircut.0 (1)