I thought it would be a nice idea for this weeks blog to tell any new clients who are potentially looking in to using our services a little more about us.  After all it is a really big deal who you choose to look after your pet for their final journey and it is crucial that the process runs smoothly and helps to get the whole family through a very sad time.

That really is our aim at Central Pet Cremations.  We know that your pets mean the world to you and that losing them or the thought of losing them is heart wrenching.  We believe there are a few core things that really make all the difference and this is why we started our pet cremation service in Scotland.

Here are some facts about us which might help you to get a better idea of who we are and how we can help you.

  • We are first and foremost an independent, family owned and ran business.  This is something we do feel helps a lot of clients.  Every one of our staff members is passionate about client care and attention to detail.  When you call us you will get Margaret, Sam or David and they will listen to your wishes and explain exactly how our services work.  You are speaking directly to the staff members who will be helping you if you decide to proceed with using our service.
  • We take the time with you and any family members to listen to your wishes and to help you decide on which pet memorial products you may wish to have.
  • We are open, honest and transparent.
  • We have been helping pet owners for 9 years and have a lot of experience dealing with grief and helping to guide you to further help and support if need be.
  • We love pets and we promise to care for each pet in our care as if they were our own.  We are a family of pet lovers and we respect every single pet in our care.
  • We started Central Pet Cremations after realising there was a lack of options for our kind of bespoke service and after losing a couple of our family pets we realised that the situation maybe wasn’t handled very well.  For example when we lost our family dog Amber, we never really had the process explained to us. She was put to sleep in the house and because nobody explained about dog cremation and the different options we just had her taken away.
  • You will never be waiting a long time to have your dog, cat or other pet’s ashes returned.  2-3 days is the normal and anything over and above that should be explained to you.
  • We do work with several lovely veterinary practices who hold the same values and principles as ourselves with regards cremation and client care.  Just ask your vet which service they use and if you are not happy you can choose to select a different service.
  • We find a lot of clients bring their pets to us and want to do this but we can come to your veterinary practice or your home, this is a service we offer.

Please remember if you wish to get in touch with us please do check out the contact us page.