If you are in the unfortunate position of having to make a decision to euthanise your pet or your pet has just recently passed away then we are here to help you and to answer your questions so please call us anytime on 01324 621863

At Central Pet Cremations your peace of mind and confidence is the most important thing to us and whichever option you choose we want you to know that your pet will carefully handled at all times and will be cremated on its own. A cremation certificate is completed at the time of cremation and you will receive this sealed in an envelope with your pet’s ashes which are carefully prepared and packaged

If you wish to visit our premises we will be happy to show you around, explain our services and discuss any questions you may have. Please just ring first to arrange a suitable time.

 As a member of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria we follow their APPCC Code of Practice – please see their website https://appcc.org.uk

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Individual Cremation

An individual cremation involves your pet being respectfully placed in to a single chamber and cremated alone.  Following the cremation ashes are carefully collected and prepared before the next cremation can commence.  This ensures that the ashes you receive are entirely of your pet.

We have a selection of hand picked caskets, urns and keepsakes for your pets ashes to be kept safely or different scattering options. Please check out our cremation costs page to see a variety of products and prices.


Same Day Service

Our same day service allows you to bring your pet to us in the morning and we guarantee you their individual cremation and ashes back that afternoon/early evening ready for collection.  This does mean that we require as much notice as possible so that we can plan the diary accordingly, a minimum of 24 hour notice is what we ask for but we will always to our best to accommodate your needs.

Please note there is an additional charge for this service of £50.


Collecting From Your Vet Or Home

If your veterinary practice doesn’t use our service and use another provider, that’s ok, you can explain your wishes to use us and we simply arrange to collect your pet on your behalf then we can return the ashes to your practise or if it suits better you can collect from us at the crematorium.

We can also arrange to collect your pet from your home.  We will arrange to arrive at a time suitable in our home collection vehicle.

Please note depending on where your home or practice is situated will determine whether or not there is a transport charge and how much will vary depending on location, please call us and we can let you know.

Our individual cremations come within the scope of the APPCC Code of Practice, under which we provide a respectful, dignified and caring service, and return the ashes to pet owners. If ordering through a veterinary surgery, please specify an individual cremation, as we also provide surgeries with a disposal service that is outside the scope of the Code.


Bringing Your Pet To Us

Many pet owners want to bring their pet to us and this is absolutely fine, in fact we find that it can provide a great deal of comfort.  You simply give us a call and we can arrange a suitable time for you to come to the crematorium.  We operate an appointment system to ensure that you have the time that you and your family need.  We have our peaceful farewell room where you have the chance to say your goodbyes without feeling rushed and our team are on hand to help support you and discuss memorial options.


Some owners find real comfort in creating a tribute dedicated to their pet.

Seeing it is the digital age we have a memorial page on our website where you can create an online Pet Tribute; (link to tributes tab) the tribute will show on the homepage, tributes page and you can share it across your social media in celebration of your pets life.


Ashes Transfer Service

Sometimes you change your mind or you have a family member who is moving away and wants to take a little ash with them in a keepsake product and this is where we can carefully transfer the ashes of your pet from your existing memorial product into another of your choice.

Simply call us to arrange to come and see us and choose a new product or alternatively give us a call and we can chat you through the option of posting the ashes to us where we can  transfer and re-post back to you.