25 Year Celebratory Weekend!

We had a lovely time over the weekend at our association’s 25 year celebratory dinner and annual AGM. It was held at Shrigley Hall which was a lovely venue, even managed to use the spa and chill a little bit!  After spending the weekend with over 40 of the APPCC members it made David and I think and we really need to be shouting from the rooftops what this association means to you as pet owners and veterinary practices who are looking at pet cremation services.

Who Are The APPCC?

The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria was set up in April 1993 in order to promote companion animal facilities, to set and maintain a code of conduct to ensure quality of service and to have a voice with regard to legislation being introduced. You are assured of an honest and reliable service that will operate to strict standards and handle your pet with care and respect at all times. With British and European legislation constantly changing the Association will fight to preserve sensible regulations that allow their members to maintain this personal and caring service.



The big thing to remember is that with the APPCC members, they are all INDEPENDENT businesses. So along with ourselves the other members who all attended the event at Shrigley Hall at the weekend are all free from any corporate ownership.  You might think, well that’s obvious isn’t it?  Well that’s the thing about the veterinary industry which might surprise you.  There have been major changes happening for a long time now in the way of corporate take overs.  So this might mean that the veterinary practice in your town which has been there for many years, changes hands when the principal veterinary surgeon decides to sell to a corporate company and there are many of these companies buying practices.  This independent business is now owned by a large National company, even although the veterinary staff may remain the same for some time.  The same is happening with many pet crematoriums.  This might mean a large corporate owns many veterinary practices as well as pet crematoriums, and when the vet is bought over, if the corporate owns a pet crematorium, they will automatically have to change to using their crematorium.

For us independent firms this means that unfortunately we might have worked with a veterinary practice for a long time and offered them a faultless service and they sell out and immediately have to stop using our services.  Often the staff don’t want to recommend anyone else and bring their own pets to us knowing how we work and how personal our service is.  It’s tough but it is happening so there is no point in moaning about it, but what I do think is important is that pet owners know they do have a CHOICE.  If you do choose to have your pet cremated by an independent APPCC certified crematorium then that is up to you and you have to do what you feel is best for your pet.

Benefits Of Choosing A Member

When we started our pet crematorium in Scotland in 2010 we spent a lot of time researching the industry. We looked at everything in detail and were clear from the start that we wanted to provide the very best pet cremation service possible. We were clear we wanted to follow a strict protocol and that every pet in our care would be handled in the correct manner, with dignity, as similar to a human cremation as possible.

The Association ticked all of these boxes and it was clear that we wanted to join as members.  It really is the only organisation of it’s sorts and the new independent inspection system means that each member of the association are independently inspected by an outside inspector from The Consultant Connection (TCC) who specialise in consumer code compliance to make sure that their procedures are absolutely spot on.  We are completely transparent and members of the public are welcome to see behind the scenes any time.  In a nutshell, it gives you as the client or veterinary practice complete piece of mind.